Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Take Over

Once upon a time I dreamed
Once upon a night I wasted
Cups of everlasting life
drew me closer to our fearless ending.
For the spring of all waters flows
from the core of imagination
up the hills where my sins are exposed
where my secrets divorced my treasures.
That was the crime scene, the witness
as I strangled it with my own fingers
I shushed its silent agony
with the kiss of red, tormented heavens.
I saw it drawning at the shores of my feet
begging for my sight, my dementia
I swear I almost heard it believe
it could float from the sea of desertion.
But as poetry took over me
through the showers of thoughts of redemption
I abbandoned my sweetest of exertions
I let my idea survive.
I should have killed! I regret tonight
cause the pink and the orange cause damage
I would never surrender, the sand
on my feet hasn't settled, it can't.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dream awake

Today I was to believe in a city
in which time and space
mean little to nothing.
I was to chase dreams at the shore
of deserting opportunities.
Today I was to write about hope,
about faith and grace...
No word escapes my mind
because tonight
I am to write of survival.
In this world it is more important
to learn to seem
rather than to truly be.
My land is saturated of an oil so thick
it burns my wings to the sun,
it sells my ideas to the lord of ineptitude.
Today I am afraid of standing
on my feet, pretending.
Today I was to spend
the savings of my sweat
on the promise of tears trading.
Today I was to play
the moon for a sorority,
to win the world and own it
on a credit contract.
Today I could be happier and have a debtor,
could save a thief from condemnation.
I was to rest and dream awake.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Like a Picture

like running waters through a leak
inundating my belongings
like a fever to the sick
helplessly, it stays, it owns me.
creeping through the windows
crawling down to my foundations
like a rush of adrenaline
it recreates sensations.
moments come and get away
passing by like angels
saturating the atmosphere
of colors ever-fading.
the moon sneaking up the limits
like the sun, on fire, closer
to the reckon of your moving lips
in the air of things unspoken.
writing reasons on my doubts
giving my willingness excuses
pouring down again my heart
the truth becoming now my token.
while time plays games in my head
i drink a tea with your absence
so that you might think of me
as your immovable partner.

standing still
like a picture
of you and me...

Thursday, May 27, 2010


there's a phrase resounding all over the place
every inch, every spider has heard the secret
like if humanity all of the sudden had turn out deaf
to the mystery being alive truly embeds...
that phrase...
there's a storm ever changing upon my head
dropping every hope, silencing haven
darkening my skies with chocolate and navy
gravel and gold, fullness and empty.
still that phrase...
there's a voice screaming, it talks to me in whispers
ever leaving the place i wander, it follows
every step I fail to take, it tortures me constantly
making me feel hollow, confronting me straight ahead:
reminding me of that phrase
signing it with your name...
wishing my lips could ever
articulate it in your presence.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Wake

the wake surprised me
like death does the thief,
like hunger to the poor
the wake attacked me.
and on my feet I allayed
the reasons for surrender,
confessions of the blind,
and on my feet I prayed.
Standing, just there,
just as still as the breeze
the wake took my skin,
tinted red covering layers.
the wake brought hope
the encouragement
excuses for breathing
but no peaceful thoughts.
the wake was tough
the sunrise bloody.
dawn of merciful torture,
of charm, of pain,
of everyday living.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Everything stands still
the beat keeps playing
I'm immobile
I'm waiting
I'm fixed
I'm mesmerized
The fingertips of haven
follow my curves
to the end of my patience
I'm trying
I'm hypnotized
like thin ice
over the weight of your smile
melting skies
into a blue and green sunrise
Not fast enough for comprehension
not slow enough for admiration
I'm completely in your arms
I can't pretend
I can't get it straight
No time to ask
No space for doubts
Nowhere to hide.
Parked around the bright and cold
stationary notes of hope
get us trapped right now
like the sea
it is high tide
and with not a whisper
not a kiss
I'm yours tonight...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coming back

If the trumpets claim my victory
why do I feel like I've lost it all?
If I knew better
that blue shadow
staring at me
at the door...
Dead has danced around me
it has feasted with all my friends
I find it hard to stay focused
on the thought "it'll all be okay"
If I could tell
all the truth
If all them knew
oh If they find out!
I can feel your effective guilt trips
climbing from my veins to my mouth.
If I feel your arms around me
why do I still feel lonely?
Why are the trumpets
playing non-stopping
that same tune once
represented love?
Like the beats of expiration
I'll recite my vows to you
and I'll face the crowd, oblivious
of what they really meant to you.
If they believe in me a hero
I will not deny the laurel crown
but do not forget for your own sake
the truth is still alive,
it breathes,
it has a name,
it is jealous,
it demands.
And you know sooner than later
I am coming back.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's not even raining
yet everything's falling wet
The wind is not even blowing hard
Clouds seem to be not as thick as yesterday
they're almost white, yet it's overcast
yet I miss you, and yet I lie.

The clock keeps ticking at the same pace
keeps holding the world awake,
spinning at his musical stream
-like a Little Rock in The River-
keeps me from pronouncing your name.
Yet I want to, and yet I try.

Drop, drop, ever-ending season
While the leaves in the trees
keep the secrecy of your treason to the world...
leaves switch colors, leaves change tone
they unveil me clear and stoned
And yet they care, and yet they don't.

Just like the midst, invisible to those who dance...
Just like air in the space between a "try to" and to fail...
Just like you and me
this season creates a poison to forget
to love again, to unforgettably, regretfully rest.
Yet I believe, yet you hide.

Things haven't changed much ever since
Just the weather, just the reason
to fail once more, to attempt a riddle.
Spiderweb, seventh sense, unspoken wonder,
Haven's rhythm, Hell's complain, my babe:
It's all the same... yet you are written, yet I stand.